• Eminence Education

    We provide professional and short courses to thrive your career.
  • Eminence Distance Learning

    We deliver our qualification to your doorstep.
  • Eminence Solution

    We assist you to find right course at the right institution for your propitious future
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Who We Are

Eminence Global Ltd is an emerging education provider established in London, UK. We aim to provide the best possible “tailor-made” education services according to the individual’s needs. We have a group of dedicated and hard-working team members providing excellent service to our students.

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  • Distance Learning
  • Student Placements
  • Training Solutions

We nurture our students to become leaders in their relevant field. Our “distance learning” programmes cushions you from paying hefty tuition fees without compromising the quality and standards of education. The price structure is designed in such a way, that the cost is well within the reach of all walks of life.

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We understand it is difficult and time consuming to find a right institution which lead students to their desired career pathway. We believe it is very important to start your higher education with the course you’re passionate about and at the right institution. Eminence Solution provides overall 360 degree solution to find the right institution to UK/EU or overseas students.

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Eminence Global provides tailored training solutions for individual. Irrespective of your line of business, Eminence Global has the expertise to help. Our expert and dedicated trainers are always available to help individual across the world to improve and to grow.

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Our Mission

Eminence Global is a 'student-centred' education provider which creates knowledge through top class undergraduate programs. Our mission is to produce graduates who are equipped with knowledge and skills for the modern world and who can be leaders in their field.

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